I’ll write about how teenager (bandung teenager) acts these days if they go to ‘jekardah’.
You know that errrggghhhh i dont understand why are they so proud to go to Jtown, and hang out to some ‘supermall’ or fine dining restaurant and take a pict then post it to instagram or path. OH GOD. ARE YOU PROUD WITH YOUR ‘TRIP’ TO JAKARTA AND EXPECT OTHERS SAID “CIE LAGI DI JAKARTA” OR “CIE JALAN2 MULU” OR MAYBE THE WORST “YANG DI JAKARTA OLEH2 DONG” FUCK IT UP!!!!
Pls cunts, you seem like (or gonna seem like) hacep or hedon. Do u think that people being GOOD when they go to jkt? You just only knew jkt in these days dude. You only knew jkt when it’d has plazaindo grandindo cp pp lotte and another fucking new mall.
You never know how jkt was in 1995 or 2000 or 2005! You never know how jakarta without those malls. You never know how fine jakarta was when it has only citraland, taman anggrek, ramayana, oh Gods sake i was there when youre not know jkt yet!!! And every time i go mudik to jkt which is my HOMETOWN, not my HANGOUT DESTINATION, i feel like “hey cunt this is my home, this is where i spent my childhood so just shut up and fuck ur style newbie”.
Oh then i dont really really really understand if some one said “yg di jkt oleh2 dong” FUCK U ARE THE STUPIDDEST DUMBASS. WHAT DO YOU WANNA ME TO BRING? RAINDROPS? SOME TRASHES? OR SOME GOLD PIECES OF THE TOP OF MONAS? MAY I GIVE U ONDEL-ONDEL??? Do u think that jkt has a special handicraft or smt? DO YOU THINK JKT IS JOGJAKARTA? WHICH HAS A LOOOOOT OF OLEH-OLEH??? Oh fuck.
The time u go to jkt the time u go to grandindo. Oh fuck.
Fuck every where.
Jkt is ours, jkt is betawi’s, not yours.

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Things that fucking bothered me:
1. Stranger who texted me ongoingly.
2. Stranger who thought that they have known me for a loooong time.
3. Guy who texted me with a fine talks but in order to detect my friend then.
4. Guy who had ever texted with me and then i didnt respond him but he’s still chatting me all the time, even with a thousand of PING!!!s.
5. Im not a text person unless with my boyf and my CLOSEST FRIEND, so dont ever text me on-go-ing-ly if ure NOT in those categories.

Im the kind of careless person. So if i dont know smo (even only knew via socmed) I WONT EVER CARE. What will they do/wear/use/talk/etc. IS NONE OF MY BUSINESS. So dont be over confident and thought that i would take action like get mad/think/care/happy of what you have done. Listen, STRANGERS.
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Watching Clash of the Titans

Gemma Arterton nih. – View on Path.

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Im having insom again nowwww.
Umm this day i stalked many infos about doi teehee. We dont follow each other on twitter bcs im not interested of his twitter LOL jk. His account made me unconfident bcs its followers count HAHAHA. His followers 2k+ and mine…….500+. WTF hahahaha i never get close with guy who has more followers than me. Or it twice, but the one before has 600+ followers and it’d making me errrrrr why does he more well-known than me HAHAHAHA.
So i stalked his timeline and that was only 2 new posts since my last stalking. OH MY HOLY ARTIST. 1 is the retweeted from his management’s account, and the other one is his post and it’s so unimportant yea hahaha.
Then i stalked his management’s account and there was a video link of his performance on one of tv program.
He became an opening act of that program (like a music concert). I was waiting and keep my eyes on the video but he wasnt shooted HAHAHAHA or just a flash and i didnt get it.
Ummm the only reason why we dont follow each other is i knew his twitter is more created for his carrier and job searching, and he rarely online tho. So i dont want to mash his carrier with his private lyf, at least we’re not keeping contact on twitter but in other socmed like line whatsapp bbm and theres a phone number still. So twitter isnt the matter for us.

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Some people are old at 18 and some are young at 90. Time is a concept that humans created.

Yoko Ono, 1977   (via whitenes-s)
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Ok i wish one of the reader is the one who i meant.
In this post i want to explain to you clearly that I DONT HAVE ANY FEELINGS TO HIM EVEN A LIL BIT. So pls stop thinking that i cant live without ur bae, and pls stop stalking all my socmed, and stop asking me by became an anon. Ive used the tracker application to tracks the questioners. So dont ever trying to tracking me.
I miss him? Yes. Sometimes. And its well. But it doesnt mean i still thinking about him.

And im begging to you not to tweet any post that sounds like youre proud of your relationship now. I dont jealous. I dont. But if you did you’d like “hey look we’re happier now”, oh cuntttt it only makes you like the newbie of dating. Pity you.

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Kesellllllll! I want cover some songs and upload it into soundcloud but theres no supported media. My gadgets which has a voice recorder are laptop, android, and bb. And all of them has a minus. Sound recorder on my laptop cant record clearly and recorded voice is heard very quietly, it must be supported by good microphone and i dont have any. My android’s recorder has a loud result but its not clear, it would be heard like under water if the voice wasnt loud enough. And last my bb cant record clearly, the result would sounds very rough.
My dad has a wireless microphone but only for dvd player.
So i dont have any good media i can use to recording.

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2 days ago my friend (D) invited me to her house. She asked me to help her bcs there would a video shooting from her church event. She wanted me to attend at around 2pm, but suddenly she texted me at 1pm and asked me to come then, when i still at my moms kiosk and it was impossible to leave.
Finally i went out at 1.30, and met with (I) at 2 o’clock. So we went straight and arrived at 2.10.

(R) and (A) were there and NO CREW.
So ive made some reminisce with my friends while we waiting for the crew. I was nervous bcs D and R texted my another friend (C) to came by quickly WITH (N). One time I wanted him to come in but another time I was nervous if he come bcs definitely I would be quiet.
A moments later (C) was coming, alone, yes, he didnt come. HE DID NOT ATTEND. I thought he didnt want to come bcs i was there. He doesnt dare to meet me. LOL.
And you know what? They were still calling him to come. Even D said “Shall i whatsapp L to ask N to coming here?” OH MY GOD I WAS SO NERVOUS HIGH LEVEL.
Fortunately, as long as we were there, he didnt come. And might be definitely he wont come. Blessed.
But while we chit-chat-ed in there, D R C were talked about him aaaaaaaall the time. Oh God i was so quiet i didnt respond them, no words i added. I just talked with (I). Thats it.

Its the 2nd time he doesnt attend ‘our event’ (this closefriends event) since our relation was being bad. And i dont even know when we can be like yesterdays (as a real closefriend).

You know that God really hates people who separates relationship of others.
May God always beside you.♥♥♥

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Waaaa i bought some cosmetics today. Theres 2 lipsticks (revlon and popdhar), a concealer (benefit), and small palette of eyeshadow (revlon). But im still hunting these :
- mascara from benefit
- a pack of brushes from bobbi browns
- liptint from burts bees
- eyebrow pencil from VIVA

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  • 1 month ago

Ive no thoughts about my insomn, it cant get out from me. Everynite i just can asleep at above 1 or 2am and im really enjoying my time with gadgets and decreasing kuota aloooong the night. I dont know what im doing i just stalking strangers on every social media, or seeing a funny photos from 9gag/memecomik/dagelan etc even seeing scary photos from creepypasta. Lol.
And i would stuck when the signal is fucking unstable lyk last night and i still cant sleep tho.
Oh i want to tell a unusual story. When i was watching tv last night in tv room, i heard my gate was crushed by someone/thing and when i looked there was an ugly big black dog sitting outside my house and then going by. The dog seems wanna go inside but my gate space is too small for his body so he couldnt. At the same time i heard sound like something big falls to the ground. So my moms looking up from her room and caught one of her vas which on the wallboard was felt down and theres a cat sitting on the wallboard!!!!
So i guess the cat was hiding from the dog and the dog couldnt go inside my house to catch the cat bcs his body is too big, and why was the cat sitting on the wallboard and falling down the vas?!!?!?!?!?
Bcs my mom was afraid of this situation, she tried to shoo the cat so there will no reason for the dog to go inside. And when my mom stepped carefully to the cat suddenly the big dog was passing through my house hahaha my moms shocked and going back inside. LOLLLL. I was shocked too when i saw that ugly big dog. The dog was sooooo big for Gods sake.
Now i dont know the cat is still in there or not.

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  • 1 month ago

Today is a random day. At 1 pm I went to cibaduyut for a purpose, and i went by BUS+ANGKOT oh my God its the first time i go there i never know where it is i never know how to get there and i was only guided by my gps hahaha. In damri i didnt get the seat so i was standing from start to a half way, blessed. Then i stopped at kebon kalapa to got the yellow angkot (kalapa-cibaduyut route) and i still viewed my gps. And i arrived at cibaduyut, blessed. About 15mins in there, then i was going back to kalapa and using the same angkot but in the half way it was heavy raining with the scary storm.

I arrived at kalapa and hired the umbrella from the umbrella man so i could crossing through to get damri. I should get damri bcs i’d have an appointment with someone at richeese kosambi ;;) and damri is passing it through.
But ive waited for 15 mins and theres no bus. And it was heavy raining and ive waited for 30minutes but DAMRI hadn’t come on so ive got frustrated and thought what kind of angkot that passing through kosambi/cicadas street. Then i line-called Ina but no answer bcs I FORGOT that her line’s off. Shit. So i asked to stranger in there but he said that ONLY DAMRI that passing through kosambi/cicadas street, theres no ANGKOT. Thats it.

Finally i used the red angkot (binong) to go to alun2 so i could using angkot preman in there. But the angkot didnt turning left, it was going straight and i thought oh gosh it was wrong. So i stopped at the intersection and i was WALKING BY to alun2 IN THE HEAVY RAIN WITHOUT USING UMBRELLA. Oh so poor i am. But blessed then i got angkot preman and i was going to kosambi and when i arrived at richeese HE WAS THERE ALREADY AND SAW ME SODDEN oh god that was the first time he saw the ugliest me. And i wish he never anymore. Lol.

Soooo i was so shy but there was no laugh at him, he had just got angry cause i didnt bring umbrella hahaha. Then we’ve got meal at 5 pm (i dont know what kind of meal time it is) and he drove me home. ♥♥♥

Finish. BYE.

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Udah lama kaga curhat yak hahahaha lg males banget megang hp. Ga tau karena bb gw lagi ngebetein-betein-nya atau emg gw lg (sok) sibuk entahlah. Eh btw gw lagi nyelesein buku grammarnya cambridge. Ada 3 buku warisan nyokap gw blm diisi semuanya. Dan gw mulai ngisi dari smp tp blm beres2 sampe skrg HAHAHA males bgt lagian. Skrg gw aja baru nyampe unit 70-an, tp buku ke-1 hahahahaha. Masih ada 2 buku lg menunggu oh my god.
Oh iya gw juga lg pengen belajar bahasa belanda, pengennya sih bahasa jerman tp buat apa jg. Belanda lebih kepake di hukum dibanding jerman yagaaakkkkk.
Bahasa belanda yg gw bisa cuma wetboek van straafrecht wetboek van koophandel nullum delictum nuella poena sine praevia lege poenali hahahahahaha bodo ah.

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