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I don’t care what the say, I’m in love with you. They try to pull me away, but they don’t know the truth.

Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love
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  • 3 days ago

I got an accident, other people giving a care, but where are you as my VERY BEST FRIEND?

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  • 1 week ago

Pleaseeee lah jangan curiga gitu. Emangnya enak dicurigain?
Tenang aja ga bakal suka kok.
Dia orang baru. Ga mungkin aku langsung kecantol.
Sekalipun udah kenal lama juga ga bakal aku suka.
Aku bukan anak sd yang sekali dibilangin malah ngelawan.
Ngerti kok kalo ga boleh baper sama dia.
Ngerti kok kalo kamu ga mau kejadian kaya aku kemaren keulang lagi.
Awalnya sahabatan jadi saling ga kenal.
Ga ada niat baper juga.
Ga semua cowo yang ‘tipe aku banget’ aku cantolin.
Kenal aku udah berapa lama sih?
Masa ga tau aku kalo milih cowo kaya gimana?
Ga bisa sama orang baru.
Sama si C?
Pdktnya aja kelas 11, udah tau baik buruknya, baru jadi aja pas kelas 12.
Sama si D?
Sahabatan dulu sepanjang kelas 11. Baru deketnya? Kelas 12.
Sama si N?
Selama kelas 3 yg cuma temen maen doang, deketnya malah pas kuliah.
Coba kalo sm si k**o? Lanjut ga? Ngga kan?
Ya karena dia orang baru.
Sama aja lah kaya si ini sekarang.
Aku tau kamu secara ga sadar tau jelas tipe aku kaya gimana.
Tapi inget, ga semua tipe aku yg kebetulan ‘deket’, aku respon atau aku cantolin juga.
Ga enak tau dicurigain, sumpah.
Terlepas dari kalian yang over curiga ataupun orangnya yang over kegeeran, intinya firasat kalian semua salah.
Ga ngerti lagi deh harus pake bahasa apa ngejelasinnya.
Toh aku ngomong panjang2 kalo kalian masih curiga dan geer juga ya percuma.

Dan, aku bingung sama kalian.
Kok demennya ngeceng-cengin terus tapi ngelarang aku suka tapi ujungnya curiga kalo aku suka?
Maunya gimana sih ya…….

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  • 2 weeks ago
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I must go
To somewhere
That can help me
To forget
This feeling
Maybe I’m wrong
To choose the new place
To lay my heart down
I’m guided
My heart is guided
Not by myself
But somebody who try to help
I didn’t allowed
To guide my own heart
I didn’t allowed
To choose my willings freely
I didn’t allowed to get my own happiness
Somebody claims
To guide me
Nobody let me free

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  • 3 weeks ago
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Yesterday I received a question from It suggested me to open the***** link. And I opened it, just for fun. Then it showed the page with 4 columns and we used to fill it.
- My full name
- 3 columns of my crushes’s name.
So I filled it all with the full name honestly.
And I clicked start.
SUDDENLY it showed the page written :

I shocked.
I can’t believe I was stupid as it was.


I must take action.

I would do that too.

So I registered to make a link like that. Hahahahahaha.
I filled the form completely.
Then i got my calculate link to share to everyone, and my dashboard link to view entries from my friends.
And I tested if it works or not.
It worked!

Soooo I started to share my link on, twitter, facebook, path, and line.

I’ve just only sitting to wait my dashboard was full of entries from my friends.

Then, 10 minutes later, my dashboard had been fulled by 5 person. Lol.
And it made me laugh.

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I’ll write about how teenager (bandung teenager) acts these days if they go to ‘jekardah’.
You know that errrggghhhh i dont understand why are they so proud to go to Jtown, and hang out to some ‘supermall’ or fine dining restaurant and take a pict then post it to instagram or path. OH GOD. ARE YOU PROUD WITH YOUR ‘TRIP’ TO JAKARTA AND EXPECT OTHERS SAID “CIE LAGI DI JAKARTA” OR “CIE JALAN2 MULU” OR MAYBE THE WORST “YANG DI JAKARTA OLEH2 DONG” FUCK IT UP!!!!
Pls cunts, you seem like (or gonna seem like) hacep or hedon. Do u think that people being GOOD when they go to jkt? You just only knew jkt in these days dude. You only knew jkt when it’d has plazaindo grandindo cp pp lotte and another fucking new mall.
You never know how jkt was in 1995 or 2000 or 2005! You never know how jakarta without those malls. You never know how fine jakarta was when it has only citraland, taman anggrek, ramayana, oh Gods sake i was there when youre not know jkt yet!!! And every time i go mudik to jkt which is my HOMETOWN, not my HANGOUT DESTINATION, i feel like “hey cunt this is my home, this is where i spent my childhood so just shut up and fuck ur style newbie”.
Oh then i dont really really really understand if some one said “yg di jkt oleh2 dong” FUCK U ARE THE STUPIDDEST DUMBASS. WHAT DO YOU WANNA ME TO BRING? RAINDROPS? SOME TRASHES? OR SOME GOLD PIECES OF THE TOP OF MONAS? MAY I GIVE U ONDEL-ONDEL??? Do u think that jkt has a special handicraft or smt? DO YOU THINK JKT IS JOGJAKARTA? WHICH HAS A LOOOOOT OF OLEH-OLEH??? Oh fuck.
The time u go to jkt the time u go to grandindo. Oh fuck.
Fuck every where.
Jkt is ours, jkt is betawi’s, not yours.

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